We have developed a policy and guidance on behaviour management, intended for use across all Children's Services and settings in the county. 

Cambridgeshire Behaviour Policy and Guidance

Including Restorative Approaches and Appropriate Use of Physical Intervention has been produced by a multi-agency group of professionals and in consultation with professionals, union representatives and parents and carers.

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Background to Cambridgeshire Behaviour Policy

Outlines further how the policy and guidance was developed and reviewed.

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The purpose of the policy is to enable settings to exercise their duty of care to children, young people and staff and have regard to the legislation regarding behaviour management approaches. 

Particular guidance is provided on the use of force and restrictive physical intervention as well as de-escalation approaches and positive behaviour management. There is also reference to restorative approaches and accredited training that supports the management of challenging behaviour in settings. 

For further information contact Karen Beaton, County Behaviour and Attendance Manager, [email protected].

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