Safeguarding for practitioners

Arrangements for going live with MASH and First Response and Early Help Hub

From 3 April 2017MASH and First Response will be in situ and the following arrangements will be in place:

All new safeguarding referrals using the joint Cambridgeshire and Peterborough referral form will come to the Integrated Front Door using the following email address: MASH.C&[email protected].

The professionals' golden number which will be answered by MASH Information Officers is:

Tel: 0345 045 1362 between 8.00am and 5.30pm (Mondays to Thursdays) and 8.00am and 4.30pm (Fridays)

Tel: 01733 234 724 out of hours for the Emergency Duty Team


  • Consultation will provide an opportunity for those working with a child, young person and / or family to access additional knowledge and expertise from suitably qualified and experienced staff from a range of agencies in order to explore a concern, and decide how best to respond to it.
  • All new child protection investigations will be undertaken by the First Response social workers in MASH. Child Protection Investigations on open cases will continue to be undertaken by the allocated Unit. If the outcome of the Child Protection Investigation is to proceed to an Initial Child Protection Conference, the relevant District Unit will be invited in advance to attend as this will be the point of transfer for the children.
  • Where it is necessary for court orders to be sought, the First Response social workers will complete the relevant court application, initial statement and care plan. A Unit will be identified to co-work with First Response to build their relationship with the family at the earliest point and ensure a smooth transfer at the Initial Hearing.
  • Once the decision is taken that a S17 single assessment is needed, the child / children will transfer from MASH to Units.The receiving team will receive a summary of the information that has been gathered in MASH and the referrer will be notified of the outcome.
  • Duty rotas will continue to be organised at District level and the children who are transferring from MASH to Units will continue to come through on the duty screen as with current arrangements. MASH will identify the area in which the family live to facilitate a smooth allocation of work to the right District / area.
  • If the outcome from MASH or a Child Protection Investigation is Early Help, then transfer of the children to the District Early Help Teams will be coordinated by the Early Help Hub.

Arrangements for going live with Early Help Hub

The Early Help Hub will be going live on 18 April 2017 and the following arrangements will be in place:

All requests for targeted services are reviewed by an Early Help Hub Coordinator and will result in one of the following within 48 hours:

  • Allocation of a service from a Cambridgeshire County Council District Early Help Team. This may include further assessment.
  • Provision of information and advice
  • Signposting or brokering of a service / intervention outside of the Early Help Hub (e.g. voluntary organisation). An Early Help Hub Coordinator will offer to liaise if required.
  • Support to further develop the Early Help Assessment.
  • Step up to the MASH if a safeguarding concern emerges during discussions.

There will be an expectation that universal services have already been put in place and measured for effectiveness and that the needs cannot be met by services from within own agency or by professionals already involved with the family.  

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