Support for young carers

Children and young people who are carers have the same rights as all children and young people and should be able to learn, achieve, develop friendships and enjoy positive, healthy childhoods.

The Young Carers Needs Assessment Team will ensure that the needs of young carers are recognised and offer an additional assessment for Young Carers. This means taking account of their hopes, aspirations, strengths and achievements, as well as need for advice and support for whole family. 

The Young Carers Needs Assessment team works across Cambridgeshire. The Young Carers Assessors will act as a lead professional for the young carers if the family is not involved with services or does not have a Early Help Assessment (EHA) in place.

What will be assessed?

The assessment we will look at:

  • the amount, nature and type of care which the young carer provides
  • the impact of the caring role on the young carer’s wellbeing, education and personal and emotional development
  • whether any of the caring tasks the young carer is performing are excessive or inappropriate having regard to all the circumstances
  • whether a needs assessment of the cared for person (be they a child or adult) has been carried out, and if not, to request one
  • whether any of the young carer’s needs for support could be met by providing support or services to the person cared for (by the young carer)
  • what the young carer’s needs for support would be likely to be if he or she were relieved of part or all of his or her caring role and whether the young carer has remaining unmet needs 


Young Carers Assessment Team

Email: [email protected]


Telephone: 01480 372 798 or 01480 727 964


Amundsen House
Compass Point Business Park
Stocks Bridge Way
St Ives
PE27 5JL 

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