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Utalk online

You will find Utalk online on Youthoria and it allows young people to give their views via online surveys and consultations. Young people sign up online and then receive text messages and/or emails when a new survey is ready for their response.

Just Us groups

Groups are run across Cambridgeshire so young people can have the opportunity to meet other Looked After young people and care leavers who have similar experiences of being in care and have some fun together. The groups also undertake informal consultation with young people if they wish to participate to gain their views regarding relevant issues about being in care from support, advice, polices and improving and changing services.

There are four Just Us groups, two junior groups with the ages ranging from 7 years up to 13 years and two senior groups for young people aged 13 upwards.

Child protection group

There is a Child Protection group that runs once a month for young people who are involved in child protection within their families. As with the Just Us groups the groups are for young people to meet other young people who are similar situations and participate in informal consultation if they wish to.

Voices Matter

Voices Matter is our children in care council and is made up of a number of young people of all different ages who are Looked After or a care leaver with Cambridgeshire. The young people meet in the school holidays with key senior managers which range from the Director of Children’s services, Head of Social Care, safeguarding as well as the elected member for young people. The young people create their own service plan with the areas they have identified after consulting with other Looked After young people on what they feel is important to them and discuss these with the senior managers which is then fed back to individual services, teams and workers.

Animation films

There are three animation films made with groups of young people about their feelings and emotions about coming into care, leaving care and living in residential care. The films are all on YouTube.

My name is Joe: Coming into care

Finding my way: Leaving care

Our house: Residential care

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