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Key strategies and plans

Providing services for adults and older people

Transforming Lives: A strategic approach to social work and social care for adults in Cambridgeshire.

Adult social care policy framework

The policy framework reflects and underpins the Transforming Lives model of social work/social care and will support the most efficient and effective use of the Council’s resources.

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Personalising adult social care: Including Shaping our future strategy.

Cambridgeshire Better Care Fund (BCF): Including annual report and narrative plan.

Autism and adult support: Including Autism strategy and action plan and the Care and support pathway for adults on the Autism Spectrum.

All age carers strategy

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Cambridgeshire Older People's Strategy

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Assistive Technology Telehealthcare strategy

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Assistive Technology Telehealthcare action plan

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The future of day services vision statement.pdf

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Working with adults and older people

Fairer contributions policy

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Fairer contributions briefing

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NHS accessible information standard - implementation by Cambridgeshire County Council

Outlines how the information and communication needs of patients, service users, carers and parents, will be identified, recorded, flagged, shared and met.

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Adult social care workforce development strategy

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Social care recruitment and retention strategy

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