Key strategies and plans

The Children's Trust sets priorities and plans for partnership work across the children's sector. 

All age carers strategy

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Child & family poverty strategy: Breaking the cycle

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Childrens Centre vision statement

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Community resilience strategy

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Parental carer involvement strategy

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Social care recruitment and retention strategy

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Understanding & responding to children & young people at risk of self-harm and suicide

A guide for practitioners.

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Childrens Trust workforce development strategy

This brings together senior managers to annually identify workforce development needed across the partner organisations involved in children's services and works to agree how this can be best provided. For more information please contact Paul Evans, Head of CFA Workforce Development, [email protected] or Barbara Deacon, Workforce Development Manager, [email protected]

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Young carers strategy memorandum of understanding

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Looked after children

Looked After Children Corporate parenting strategy

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Looked After Children Corporate parenting strategy executive summary

Children and young people's version

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Looked After Children Sufficiency statement July 2016

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Further information

  • Prevent:  Information about safeguarding people and communities from the threat of terrorism and to ensure that vulnerable adults and young people are identified, supported and diverted from becoming involved in extremism.

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