Cambridgeshire Better Care Fund (BCF)

What is the Better Care Fund?

The Better Care Fund (BCF) creates a joint budget to help health and social care services to work more closely together in order to deliver:

  • Services built around the needs of the most vulnerable older people within the community in order to provide care closer to home wherever possible. 
  • Better support for carers (those who look after and care for loved ones)
  • More efficient services through closer joint working between, health, local authorities and the voluntary sector.
  • A system that is better equipped to meet the needs of the growing older population.

The BCF programme brings together organisations including the County Council, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group, Acute Trusts, Community Trusts, Mental Health Trusts, Peterborough City Council, District Councils and the Voluntary Sector.

The first year of operation for the BCF was 2015/16. In Cambridgeshire, the BCF was £37.7 million for 2015/16. This was formed through a reorganisation of existing funding already used to provide health, social care and housing services across the county. 

In 2017-19, the BCF pooled budget now contains £48 million, aligned across health and social care to support our vision.

The 2017-19 Better Care Fund plan can be downloaded below.


For further information or documents, please contact our Transformation Team.