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The Cambridgeshire Children's Trust is a partnership which brings together all the organisations that work with children, young people and families. It has a shared commitment to improving children's lives and life chances, through working collaboratively or collectively to achieve improvements.

The Children's Trust Board has a strong relationship with the Local Safeguarding Children Board. It works to understand the needs of children in order to provide strategic direction to those providing or commissioning services, so resources are targeted to meet the needs of the children more effectively.

Children's Trust Plan 2014-2017

The Children’s trust agreed an overarching plan with three key priorities to take forward 2014-2017

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Children's Trust workforce development strategy

This brings together senior managers to annually identify workforce development needed across the partner organisations involved in children's services and works to agree how this can be best provided. For more information please contact Paul Evans, Head of Workforce Development, [email protected] or Barbara Deacon, Workforce Development Manager, [email protected]

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Area partnerships

There are three partnership areas (Huntingdonshire, East Cambridgeshire and Fenland, and South Cambridgeshire and City). These meet quarterly to ensure that local needs are identified and met in relation to children's services. They bring together senior managers of local organisations in order to identify and develop priorities and commission local services. 

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