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The St Ives transport study aims to identify transport solutions to address congestion problems in St. Ives. As well as considering highway improvements at traffic pinch points, it will look at wider congestion causing issues in the town.

The study was approved by our Economy and Environment Committee on 8 February 2018. The intention of this initial development work is to bring potential schemes to the point where they can be submitted for funding.

Focus of the study

The study will focus primarily on the following junctions in St Ives:

  1. A1096 Harrison Way / Meadow Lane roundabout 
  2. A1123 St Audrey Lane / B1040 Somersham Road and A1123 High Street / A1096 Harrison Way roundabouts
  3. A1123 Houghton Road / B1090 Sawtry Way priority junction
  4. A1123 / Ramsey Road signalised crossroads
  5. B1040 Somersham Road / Marley Road roundabout
  6. A1096 / Low Road / Hemingford Road roundabout
  7. A1096 Harrison Way / The Busway / Station Road signalised crossroads

The study will also investigate existing constraints of bus routing and access in St Ives town centre. Addressing these wider problems will lead to reduced traffic and improved reliability of bus services.

Map of St. Ives with junctions that are part of the study highlighted

What’s happening now?

Cambridgeshire County Council is working work with Skanksa to develop a programme and methodology for Stage One of the study. This will include the technical work required, data collection and transport modelling.

Updates will be provided as reports and/or further information becomes available.


The study will be split into three parts:


Project Initiation Completed by June 2018
Stage One: Option testing Completed by end of 2019
Stage Two: Preferred Scheme Design To be assessed following outcomes of Stage One

Connectivity with other studies

The St Ives study will need to consider other studies ongoing in the area, including the Huntingdon Strategic River Crossing and A141 Huntingdon Transport Study. These studies are being procured by Cambridgeshire County Council and funded by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority.

The close proximity of St Ives and Huntingdon will mean there will be a high level of inter-connectivity within these studies. Careful consideration and close working will ensure joined up solutions are reached.

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