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Post-16 education transport

From the 1 September financial support will only be available for students living in low income households who meet the Council’s qualifying criteria.

Support will continue for students who are already part-way through a course, which started before 1 September 2016, for the remainder of that course only.

Support will also continue for students with statements of special education needs and disabilities (SEND) or Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP) who meet the Council’s qualifying criteria.

How do I apply?

Apply for post 16 education transport

The payment will be taken with the application, and we will refund your money if your application is not eligible.

We will normally issue the pass within 10 working days, or before the start of the school term (whichever is longer). If your application is unsuccessful you will be advised within the same timescale. Please wait until 10 working days have passed before contacting us to check progress.

Full information regarding post-16 transport entitlement can be found in the "Do you qualify for help?" booklet (pdf, 158kb).

Please contact us on 0345 045 5208 if you need help with the online form.

Lost or stolen travel passes

You can apply for a replacement home to school pass online.

Apply for a replacement bus pass

School bus timetables

You will receive information about bus allocation and timetable with the bus pass. However, if you receive a bus pass for a public service bus, please refer to the buses section.

Behaviour on a school bus

All pupils who use transport provided by the council are expected to abide by the Travel code of conduct (pdf, 1.3mb).

Post-16 transport policy statement

For further information please see the transport policy statement (pdf, 55kb) and the home to school travel assistance policy (pdf, 211kb)

Cycle allowance

A termly allowance, currently £40 per term, may be payable to students who are entitled to free or subsidised transport but use a bicycle to travel to school / college.

Please note: A new form needs to be completed at the end of each term.

Contact us

If you have any queries relating to home to school/college transport policy please contact the Social & Education Transport Team (SETT) on 0345 045 5208 or email

Box No. SH1013
Shire Hall

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