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Relaxation classes and individual relaxation session available

Research indicates that the practice of relaxation affects the hypothalamus gland in the brain which then alters the chemical processes throughout the body. This helps to turn off the stress response leading to a wide variety of beneficial changes including the increase of serotonin – the 'happy' hormone.

Adults have reported that relaxation has helped them to overcome a variety of difficulties, for example, sleeping difficulties, recurrent headaches, fatigue and anxiety. Reducing anxiety and stress has shown to increase employee's commitment to work, have a positive effect on staff performance and productivity and reduce staff turnover.

During the relaxation session individuals will experience various relaxation techniques, allowing them to choose for themselves those which they feel are most useful. Relaxation, like any other new skill needs to be practised. The aim of practising relaxation is for it to become an autonomic process and part of everyday life, and to counterbalance unmanageable levels of stress.  Relaxation works on the mind and body, promoting concentration and increasing awareness.

The purpose of relaxation is to reduce negative emotional and physiological feelings, release tension, restore energy and encourage calming thought processes.  By relaxing we can improve our physical and psychological health.

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Sessions are available to groups, at your work place or local facility (school hal, village hall etc). Individaul sessions are also available.


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  • Cost: Fees vary according to which service you require
  • Age range: 7 - 99+

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