Local Government Association Peer Challenge Report

Local Government Association ‘peers’ have reported positive early signs that the County Council’s new joint administration is working collaboratively, with a strong willingness to deliver against future challenges.

It commends the Council for its agile and speedy response to handling the pandemic– and suggests that the new ways of working this stimulated should be further built on as the County recovers.

The LGA Peer Challenge report on Cambridgeshire County Council published below makes a number of recommendations to help it move further and faster, after the council invited it to undertake a six day review in July, involving 40 meetings with 250 elected Members, officers and key partners across the County.

Cambridgeshire County Council - Corporate Peer Challenge Report447KBpdf
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Draft Action Plan

The Draft Action Plan will be discussed at Strategy and Resources Committee on 21 September

Peer Challenge Draft Action Plan48KBpdf
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