Cookies on our website

A web cookie is a small file which contains information stored on your computer by a website you visit. It acts as your identification card, and often stores your settings for the website, which can be used for authentication, identification of a user session, shopping basket content or user's preferences such as text size, language or location. When you return to the site, your browser sends back the cookie that belongs to the site. This allows the website to present you with information customised to fit your needs.

The following cookies are used to improve your experience using our website.

Cookies set or used by web controls

There are a number of standard web controls that use cookies in order to remember user selections.

Cookie name Expires Information

[ID of Control]_Favourites

When the user clears cookies

Stores favourites which have been selected by the user


12 months

Stores the user's current font size selection 


 12 months

Stores the user's current stylesheet selection 


 12 months

Determines if a user is authenticated 

Cookies set or used by Contensis authentication

Contensis is our website provider and the following cookies are set if you login to a Contensis site

Cookie name Expires Information


When the user exits the browser

Stores information to re-authenticate a user when they have selected Save Password when logging in


When the user exits the browser

Stores a user's display name in the format as specified in Contensis global settings


25 years or until the user clears cookies

Stores the URL to a user's avatar image, this is set when a user logs in for the first time

Session cookies used by the published site

Session cookies are used for remembering user selections during their visit to your site. A typical scenario may be to remember information entered in a form when navigating to different pages.

Cookie name Expires Information


When the user exits the browser

Randomly generated session ID 


When the user exits the browser

Randomly generated session ID 

Google analytics

Google Analytics sets a number of cookies (default is 4) in order to evaluate the use of your site and compile reports.

Cookie name Expires Information


2 years Randomly generated number


30 minutes Randomly generated number


When the user exits the browser Randomly generated number


6 months

Randomly generated number, plus information on how the site was reached (for example, directly, via a link or through organic search)

Your privacy

Cookies can store a wide range of information, including personally identifiable information such as your user name or email address. For that reason, the European Union has issued an ePrivacy Directive (2002/58/EC), which regulates the use of cookies and storing personally identifiable information.

Our use of cookies doesn't give us access to your computer or any information about you, other than the data you choose to share with us.

You can also check which cookies we use on our branded applications, and find out how we use them.