Safer communities partnership

The County Council improves co-operation between partner agencies in relation to community safety and aims to provide countywide leadership and guidance on new policies and projects relating to community safety and crime reduction. This team includes representatives from the domestic abuse and sexual violence partnership and the Drug and Alcohol Action Team.


The objective is to work closely with the local community safety partnerships on projects aimed at reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in Cambridgeshire.

The Countywide Community Safety Agreement for 2017/20 outlines the priorities that have been chosen for the county, based on the research and analysis undertaken via a Countywide Strategic Assessment of crime and disorder. There is also a Countywide Community Safety Board that oversees delivery of this agreement.

The County Council works closely with the 5 local Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) to deliver the Countywide Community Safety Agreement.

The CSPs are statutory multi-agency partnerships and they each include representation from the 6 responsible authorities:

  • police
  • police authorities
  • local authorities
  • fire and rescue services
  • primary care trust (PCT)
  • probation trust