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Here’s what some of our current Educational Psychologists have to say about the service. 

“I have loved working in Cambridgeshire from the minute I joined! The fact that we get to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team was a real attraction for me as I was very keen to improve my joint working with other professionals. I have also been very well supported with the set-up of the Emotional Literacy and Support Assistant (ELSA) Project. If you have a special area of interest, or new skills to bring to the team, you will be so encouraged and supported to develop your skills in those areas! I have really felt that I have been able to make a difference here.“- Katy

“I have worked in Cambridgeshire for two and a half years and have over eight years of experience as a qualified EP. In Cambridgeshire I have felt well-supported to face the inevitable challenges of working in this field. I feel I have been encouraged to expand my skills and challenge myself to maintain high standards and push myself professionally with confidence. This is only possible through Cambridgeshire’s robust supervision structures and good, supportive management, the value that is placed on CPD and excellent peer relationships. I hold my colleagues in high regard and have learned so much from working with a large group of EP professionals, from the most experienced to the excellent trainees we are lucky enough to welcome each year. EP’s specific interests are welcomed and supported here and I have found many opportunities to incorporate and develop my interest in person-centred planning.“ - Jules

Team of supervisors
Our 3 supervisors Joanna, Caroline and Carla together and updating our supervision guidance in February 2020

"I have been working in Cambridgeshire for the best part of a decade now, and the reason I continue to work here is because of the autonomy I am granted and the range of interesting, demanding work I get involved in. I have been encouraged to pursue my interests and develop my therapeutic skills, whilst delivering services that are critical to the most vulnerable families in Cambridgeshire. I love the diversity of the county (from the city to the Fens), and appreciate the flexibility I have in my working practices." - Tom

Regarding the services individual supervisions, Our Educational Psychologists said…

“Great to have my thinking challenged in a very supportive way. Having experienced supervisors with lots of knowledge and previous experiences to draw on has been great.”

“I always feel empowered after my supervision sessions and that I can then take complex work and personal problems forward in the best possible way. I really welcome the challenge to my thinking and the way that I feel so supported in my practice”

“I always leave individual supervision sessions feeling like a weight has been lifted, as I have had an opportunity to talk through any concerns or difficulties I've been having, and have been supported to think about the way I use psychology and apply it in my practice. I always feel listened to and professionally challenged in a supportive way. Supervision plays a huge role in supporting my job satisfaction and confidence”

[After supervision I feel] “calmer, more contained, listened to, understood, and generally emotionally and cognitively (re-)equipped, e.g. to tackle/move forward in a tricky case or situation we've been discussing, to go and read around a subject, to consider alternative viewpoints/apply a different framework, make a difficult phone call ...”

Regarding regular group supervisions...

“I like the joint thinking and sharing ideas/workshops that people have been on. I feel like it gives us a better sense of being a team/togetherness…I like to hear about other people's casework and how they approach different things because it acts as additional CPD/good practice”

“Chance to catch up with team colleagues, decompress, share experiences and thinking, and seek information and insight around particular case/situation. We don't always discuss particular cases, but when we do it's fantastic for sharing and developing our psychological thinking, and helping each other to move forward - a safe space to think and explore”

“I hugely welcome the opportunity to spend time with fellow EPs debriefing, sharing experiences, discussing CPD and casework”

Here is a flavour of some of the feedback we receive from service users.

“I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to write to you to thank you for your time, kindness, listening and support on Friday. I hope that it was useful for you as an information-gathering exercise, but wanted you to know that it was infinitely valuable for me.  It was the first time in a long time that I felt truly heard.” (to EP from parent)

“It is wonderful to meet an education psychologist who is so passionate about the emotional well being of the young people, I feel privileged to be working with you and learning from you.” (from teacher)

“I’d like to say that the LA’s response to the recent tragedy in XXX has been excellent and massively appreciated by the school. The EP was on site all day yesterday and provided staff and pupils with brilliant support, which should be recognised; thank you to the team for mobilising so swiftly.”

“I just wanted to mail to let you know how positive we are finding the new hours allocation for Specialist teacher time, it has made a real difference to the support we have been able to offer our children and staff here.” (SENCo to HT)

"An excellent session which really engaged my team" (response to SEND Service training from HT).

Cambridgeshire Educational Psychology Team
Cambridgeshire Educational Psychology Team