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Bespoke wedding ceremonies available in Cambridgeshire

01 March 2024

In recognition of National Wedding Planning Day, the county council is highlighting a new wedding service it launched earlier this year, which enables couples to have their ceremony in non-approved venues like a garden or community centre, with all the legalities taken care of.

Our Registration Service has recognised couples need for personalisation and the bespoke ceremonies offer even more choice and freedom. They can even include symbolic ceremonies such as handfasting or unity candle.

Those wanting to take advantage of this flexible service would complete the legal paperwork in a local register office either the day or morning before the ceremony.

It is hoped this flexibility will not only allow couples the opportunity to personalise their special day but also save money during the cost-of-living crisis by giving them an alternative choice.

So far about half a dozen couples have signed up to make the most of the bespoke service, which has only been available since January.

The marriages will be organised by the council’s team of expert celebrants, who perform over 2,500 ceremonies a year.

Cllr Alex Bulat, Vice-Chair of the Communities, Social Mobility and Inclusion Committee, said: “We already have 79 approved wedding venues in Cambridgeshire, which are beautiful locations to get married, however we understand there is an increasing demand from couples wanting more ways to personalise their special day.

“We also understand weddings can be very expensive and at a time when household finances are under extra pressure, this flexibility could allow couples to save a significant amount of money.

“This is an exciting opportunity for anyone planning a wedding in Cambridgeshire to do something different, which better suits their values, interests and budgets.”