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Council seeks to regularise Bar Hill post office situation

26 September 2023

The failure of a protracted six-year negotiation to regularise the position of the post office in Bar Hill Library, has led Cambridgeshire County Council to issue the postmaster with a notice to quit – while still hoping to reach agreement to secure its future.

This will not result in an immediate closure of post office services – and indeed the Council still hopes to reach an agreement with the existing postmaster.

Bar Hill post office has been operating in the library since 2013, but the postmaster since 2017 hasn’t been prepared to accept the tenancy terms and so the council hasn’t been able to collect rent or contributions for running costs such as heating, lighting, and cleaning the space occupied.

Following lengthy discussions with the postmaster to regularise this position, the County Council has been left with no alternative, and has served a ‘notice to quit’.

The County Council’s position is that it welcomes a post office on this site and would like it to continue. It has told the Post Office Ltd, the national organisation, of the position and will support them in finding alternative solutions to ensure Bar Hill residents still have local access to post office services if this becomes necessary - but is still focussed on negotiating a continued presence in the library.