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Guided buses return to two-way running

25 March 2024

Work on a section of the Guided Busway, between Cambridge Railway Station and the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, to install a new safety measure is almost complete and buses will return to two-way operation from Saturday (30 March).

The last section of work from 25 February until 29 March, has seen the busway closed from Hills Road bridge to Addenbrooke's spur and the maintenance track closed from Hills Road bridge to Long Road bridge, but open between Long Road bridge and Addenbrooke's spur.

The busway will re-open as planned from Saturday 30 March and buses will return to full two-way operation. However, the maintenance track from Hills Road bridge to Long Road bridge, which is the path that runs alongside the busway for cycling, walking and running, won’t open for another week until Saturday 6 April. The maintenance track between Long Road bridge and Addenbrooke’s spur will be open.

The work was due to finish on Friday, 29 March, however, due to the heavy rain we’ve experienced, water has caused issues with the holes drilled for the fence posts. This has meant pumping equipment has been brought in and an additional week will be required to complete the work. All the fence posts will be installed by 29 March, but the final few sections of gates and panels will still need to be installed – this will be done from the maintenance track.

Work started on 12 February to implement an innovative busway safety measure to allow the busway to return to full, two-way operation. Our contractors have been working seven days a week to get this work completed as quickly as possible and involved removing the existing temporary fence, taking out the kerbs and installing the new fence. To reduce inconvenience to bus passengers, cyclists and pedestrians and keep the Guided Busway and the maintenance track open wherever possible, the work took place in sections.

This new safety measure means we can return the busway back to full use and people can continue cycling, walking, running, and using the maintenance track. This is the best way forward and part of our ambition to make travel across the county safer and more environmentally sustainable.