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Major resurfacing work underway

19 September 2023

Major resurfacing projects are underway across the county.

The A141 Fenland Way in Chatteris has been resurfaced, the work started in August and was completed last week. The repairs were carried out to a depth of 125mm, and the materials used were supplied in ‘warm mix’ mode, which reduces the impact on the environment – in this case cutting carbon emissions by approximately 9.5 tonnes. While the crews were there carrying out the resurfacing and road markings, they also extended sections of the safety barrier.

In total, 8728m2 of carriageway was resurfaced using 2,575 tonnes of material.

Cllr Alex Beckett, chair of Highways and Transport Committee at Cambridgeshire County Council, said: “These major resurfacing projects involve road reconstruction to replace the top layers of the road. It makes a huge difference for users and improves the quality of the roads.

“Our highways team has worked hard overnight to keep the disruption to a minimum, carrying out general maintenance work at the same time, such as vegetation clearance, drainage, signage and road markings.”

A package of four major resurfacing projects is underway across the county. The completed works in Fenland, A141 Fenland Way Chatteris, were the first of that package. This week, the crews are moving onto Huntingdonshire, A141 Warboys Bypass, with works commencing that are due to finish in October. The last two projects will be in South Cambridgeshire, A10 at Milton, in October until December and finally, East Cambridgeshire, A1101 Bates Drove in Littleport, in March 2024.

The completed resurfacing works on the A141 Fenland Way Chatteris.