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November Update | Think Communities East Cambridgeshire

31 October 2022

It’s been a busy month for the East Cambridgeshire Think Communities team, who have been working hard across libraries, cost of living events and raising awareness of wellbeing and menopause.

Key achievements

Virtual Health and Wellbeing Team

Chris has introduced this multi-disciplinary team to an online application which is now being populated with events and funding opportunities which are of shared interest.

The impact of this has led to Greater awareness of opportunities for cross system engagements. Interest in joining Health and Wellbeing group from organisations not currently in the group as they feel they'd benefit from this joint calendar.

Introduction of HAF to Ukraine Hub (Holiday Activities and Food programme)
Chris has connected HAF to the Ukraine hub, colleagues in ECDC, and the library service. This has led to:

• Libraries have offered use of computers to help digitally excluded use their HAF vouchers.
• ECDC colleague at Ukraine Hub is now aware of when vouchers will be distributed and can prompt and support guests to use them.

Menopause event
The team supported the Menopause event at the Lighthouse centre which was led by Integrated Neighbourhood colleagues. We supported with engaging partners and helping on the day. This was impactful due to the strong collaborative working method, with 350 women attending and great feedback.

Cost of living event
Chris and Cal supported the libraries service to deliver a Cost-of-Living Event. Their role was predominantly, engaging partners, promoting in communities, and making local organisations aware. They also helped facilitate conversations between organisations running stands at the event.

What did we learn?

  • Individuals valued the information and advice they received. Particularly those members of the community who came with a particular stall they wished to visit in mind (e.g., several came specifically to have a conversation about the Household Support Fund)
  • Feedback from stall holders the opportunity for networking was great and was an opportunity to learn of what other organisations do which they can then pass on to the people they engage with

  • Following a debrief the library plan to put on another event in January, and have ideas to engage a wider audience, including more targeted publicity through trusted partners (i.e., GP, DWP, Foodbank).