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Reminder to park considerately at P&R sites issued

24 March 2023

Cambridgeshire County Council is issuing a reminder to customers using our Park & Ride services to keep other site users’ needs in mind when parking their vehicles.

To ensure safe access across Babraham Road Park & Ride site, active parking enforcement will be in place from Monday 27 March.

Works are taking place to create a smart energy grid using solar canopies to supply EV charging points at the Babraham Road Park & Ride site which has meant there have been fewer spaces available at the site in recent months.

Inconsiderate parking has on occasion caused access issues for other site users, stopping them getting around the site easily. There have also been a handful of instances where larger construction vehicles, which are needed to deliver essential materials and equipment, have been unable to reach the construction site. Following on from regular patrols at the site, it is hoped that the enforcement action, which will take the form of a fine, will encourage Park & Ride customers to park considerately within the correct designated bays. Drivers could be fined up to £50 if they do not park within a designated parking bay at the site or up to £70 for incorrectly using a disabled bay. Enforcement will include those who choose to park their vehicles on verges, over pavements or in a way that impedes access around the site.

Trumpington Park & Ride remains open, with spaces available daily. The Trumpington site has a direct bus, cycling and pedestrian link to Addenbrookes and Cambridge Biomedical Campus, an excellent alternative for commuters who may have found it difficult to find a space at the Babraham Road site later in the day in recent weeks.

Cllr Alex Beckett, Chair of Cambridgeshire County Council’s Highways and Transport Committee, said: “We understand it can be frustrating when you find it hard to find a parking space but it’s important for all our Park & Ride customers that they park considerately and within the appropriate allocated parking bays.

This is particularly important whilst works are ongoing to improve the Babraham Road Park & Ride site as inconsiderate parking affects everyone who uses the Park & Ride service, not just contractors who are carrying out important works to create new renewable energy facilities.

Enforcement will remain in place whilst the number of spaces at Babraham Park & Ride site is reduced and until the works, which are being delivered in phases to reduce disruption to the site is completed.”