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Coroner and inquests

Coronavirus (COVID-19) service update:

Coroners are sitting in open court for inquest hearings, but we have limited capacity for interested parties and members of the public to attend in person. Microsoft Teams is being used for all hearings so that interested parties and members of the press can participate in hearings remotely if necessary.

If you plan on attending, or if you would like access the Microsoft Teams meetings, please contact the Coroner Service on 0345 045 1364 ahead of time. Please do not turn up for a live hearing without checking with the Coroner Service first.

Coroners are required by law to investigate any sudden or unexplained death. They are independent of both local and central government and are required to act in accordance with laid down rules and procedures.

In most cases, no further action is required, and the death can be registered as normal. However, the Coroner may decide to hold an inquest to establish the facts.

The Guide to Coroner Services is primarily for bereaved people but others involved in or affected by a Coroner investigation or attending a Coroner's inquest may also find it helpful.

Please note that hearings may change at short notice (Adjourned). Please check the evening before a hearing is scheduled, for the most up to date information.

Adjourned Inquests

Any Inquests or Pre-Inquest Review Hearings that have been adjourned are displayed in the table below. These will be rescheduled with a new hearing data. (The date shown is the date the hearing was due to take place on).


Upcoming Inquests

The following table lists the Inquests and Pre-Inquest Review Hearings due to be held in the next 30 days.

During the week commencing 03/06/2024, the following inquest will be dealt with in writing (i.e. without a hearing in court) unless representations are made to us.

John Boylan – Aged 92. Place of death – Huntingdon. Date of death – 02/08/2023.

During the week following 13/05/2024, the following inquest will be dealt with in writing (i.e. without a hearing in court) unless representations are made to us.

Nevada Smith – Aged 9. Place of death – Addenbrookes Hospital. Date of death – 26/11/2023.


Inquests due to open

The following inquests are due to open on Thursday 23rd of May at 12.00pm by Mr David Heming at Peterborough Town Hall.

Name Age Date of death Place of death
Doris Gallant 96 28/04/2024 Peterborough Town Hall
Eileen Ann Spanner 78 07/05/2024 Peterborough Town Hall
Nathan David Holmes 56 19/05/2023 Peterborough Town Hall
Stephen Reginald Jones 66 05/05/2024 Peterborough Town Hall
Terence Edward Ransome 70 12/05/2024 Peterborough Town Hall
Tracey Hewlett 61 05/03/2024 Peterborough Town Hall
Jimmy Pinnock 53 30/03/2024 Peterborough Town Hall
Lorna May Woollard 90 23/04/2024 Peterborough Town Hall
Eric Doncaster 85 12/05/2024 Peterborough Town Hall
Christopher Carter 64 04/05/2024 Peterborough Town Hall

Contact information

The Coroner's Office can be contacted by email at or by telephone on 0345 045 1364. Office opening hours are Monday to Thursday, 8am to 4pm, and Friday, 8am to 3.30pm.

Mr David Heming is Her Majesty's Senior Coroner for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

He is assisted in his duties by:

Ms Elizabeth Gray - Area Coroner
Mr Simon Milburn - Area Coroner

Mr Philip Barlow - Assistant Coroner
Dr Sam Bass - Assistant Coroner
Ms Samantha Broadfoot KC - Assistant Coroner
Mr Paul Clark - Assistant Coroner
Ms Anita Davies - Assistant Coroner
Mr Tim Deeming - Assistant Coroner
Ms Caoilfhionn Gallagher KC - Assistant Coroner
Ms Samantha Goward - Assistant Coroner
HHJ Mr Philip Grey - Assistant Coroner
Ms Caroline Jones - Assistant Coroner
Mr Keith Morton KC - Assistant Coroner
Mr Nicholas Moss KC - Assistant Coroner
Mr Andrew Perfect - Assistant Coroner
Ms Lorna Skinner KC - Assistant Coroner