Get involved in rights of way

There are various ways that you can help in maintaining and improving rights of way.

The Parish Paths Partnership (P3)

P3 is a way for members of the public and parish councils to get involved with improving their rights of way. The County Council's rights of way officers give advice and receive feedback on making the best use of knowledge, resources and funding at a local level. The following documents are for P3 members:

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External Funding: Grants and Awards
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Waymarking is a way to help the public to follow routes and avoid trespassing. This work is often carried out by volunteers or landowners. If you would like to help please read the document or contact

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Volunteer groups

If you would like to join a local volunteer group you can contact one of the following:

Local Access Forum

Details of the Local Access Forum (LAF), agenda and minutes of meetings can be found on the Local Access Forum page.