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Real time bus information

What is real time information?

The bus is fitted with a tracking device in order for the Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) system to know where it is. The system calculates how long it will take to arrive at each of the stops along the bus's route. Using satellite technology the system then communicates the bus information to a display at the bus stop. The display shows when the bus is due to arrive. The displayed information is shown either in real time or timetable time, for example 6 mins or 11:06.

The display alternates between two screens. The first screen shows the bus numbers and the destinations. The second screen displays the bus numbers and the predicted arrival time in minutes. When a bus is expected to arrive in less than two minutes the screen displays "due". The display will also show timetable times for those buses that haven't yet been fitted with the tracking device.

As the system can track each bus location exactly, it can tell whether the bus is running on time, early or late. This information is then displayed on the screen at the bus stop. It also gives the operator chance to make dynamic changes to the bus whilst on route.

Find bus information online

You can find real time information online at

My Bus Trip app

The My Bus Trip app provides passengers with free direct access to real time bus information via their mobile phones and includes:

  • real time bus location - displays a map with bus stops and shows real time locations of buses
  • real time route map - displays service routes on the map
  • nearby stops and services - gives access to bus stop and service information related to a location. The location is either set automatically (detected by GPS) or specified on the map by a Drop Pin
  • bus operator - displays the operator name, service and destination for the selected bus
  • detailed journey information - provides full information about a journey including where the service stops, the distance of stops from your current location, bus due time, predicted departure time and scheduled departure time

Download My Bus Trip app

My Bus Trip app icon image
My Bus Trip app icon image

Solar powered bus timetable displays

Cambridgeshire County Council's Integrated Highways Management Centre team, in collaboration with Real Time Passenger Information (RPTI) contractor VIX Technology, have installed the first solar powered e-ink technology displays in the county, which will show the real time timetable for bus arrivals.

Replacing mains powered LED standard displays with energy efficient e-ink technology (like a Kindle screen) is an environmentally green and future-proof solution which is flexible in meeting changing business and passenger needs. The solar powered units are capable of displaying weather information and bus arrival times.

Mains connections are not required so the units are also very flexible in terms of being able to sit in challenging locations, and the new display technology allows content to be viewed in direct sunlight. The units are also equipped with LEDs for night-time illumination.

So far, nine displays have been installed to test the new technology:

  • Four displays at the Grafton Centre in Cambridge
  • One display on Chesterton Road in Cambridge near Hertford Street
  • One display in the village of Sutton to address power problems
  • One display on Ermine Street in Huntingdon
  • Two displays on Stukeley Road in Huntingdon

Another twelve displays will be delivered in the next three months:

  • Eight displays on U route in Cambridge
  • Two displays on Madingley Road in Cambridge
  • Two displays in Witchford
Solar powered e-ink technology bus timetable display
Solar powered e-ink technology bus timetable display

Reporting issues with an electronic bus timetable at a bus stop

From 1 January 2022, the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority manages this service. If you notice a fault with an electronic bus timetable at a bus stop, please contact them by email at