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For information on known events that will have an impact on the highway network in the next 3 months, you can view the interactive map below. Zoom into the map to view event information and roads affected. If you need further information about any event shown, you can contact the Highway Events team at [email protected] 

Do you want to host an event that will impact the highway?

Planning an event that affects the highway?

If you are planning an event that may impact a public road or footpath, you will need to apply for permission. It's always good to let us know as soon as possible about your event so we can process your application on time and arrange a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) to close the road if needed. 

If you are planning to film on the highway, please see our filming section.

How much notice you will need to give for an event

For all events on the public highway, you will need to provide us with at least 12 weeks notice before the event's start date. Depending on the event size, you may need to give up to nine months notice. Take a look at our event application schedule below to help you plan.

Event size

Small (0 - 99 people)

Medium (100 – 499 people)

Large (500 – 4999 people)

Major (+5000 people)

Submit event application

At least 12 weeks in advance

At least 3 months in advance

At least 6 months in advance

At least 9+ months in advance

Submit event info to a Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

Not applicable




Attend a SAG

Not applicable

As required

As required


If your event is larger than 100 people, you may need to consider health and safety. SAGs are hosted by District Councils and are made up of representatives from the emergency services and local councils. They can advise you on general event planning and safety. More information on SAGs can be found on your District Council's website

Application fees to host an event affecting the highway

For street parties, Playing Out Schemes, charity and most community events, there is no fixed fee however staffing costs may apply.  For events held for commercial reasons (any event that charges an entrance fee or generates an income), administration, staffing and TTRO advertising fees will apply.  For more information on fees, please see our guidance notes.

Highway Events Guidance

Size: 1.91 MB File format: pdf

Street Party-Playing Out Scheme application guidance

Size: 883.11 KB File format: pdf

The organiser of the event is responsible for any additional costs incurred for the signing, running and control of the closure. 

Applying for event permission

Events on the highway fall under two categories.

  • Street party/Playing Out events are small events located in quiet residential streets or cul-de-sacs that are publicised to residents of a local area only.
  • Highway events are open to everyone, and are often publicised widely.

We have a different form for each category of event so please complete the appropriate form. If you are unsure which form to use, complete the highway event application form.

Highway Events - application form

Size: 156.50 KB File format: doc

Street Party-Playing Out Scheme application form

Size: 118.00 KB File format: doc

Practical guides on how to manage aspects of your event including signage requirements and traffic management can be found below. 

Good practice guide for highway events

Size: 1.25 MB File format: pdf

After you have applied for permission

It is the organiser's responsibility to inform all parties who will be affected by the event, including residents on roads to be closed and residents on roads to be used as alternative routes for traffic, local emergency services and the local parish/town council.

At least 12 weeks before event Highway Events Application Form submitted to the Event Liaison Officer at [email protected] and local district council informed of event through Safety Advisory Group if applicable.
10 weeks before event Consultation with all relevant parties takes place.
No later than 6 weeks before the event Final Traffic Management Plan reflecting any changes required after the consultation submitted by Event Organiser.
2 - 4 weeks before event Local businesses and residents that will be impacted by the event must be notified by letter drop. Any issues must be reported to [email protected]
2 weeks before event A copy of the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order documentation and approval notice from the Event Liaison Officer will be sent to the event organiser. Advanced Warning Signs and these notices must be placed at each closure point. Notices should also be posted on village circulars or noticeboards where available. 
Day of event Closure and diversion route must be signed. A qualified steward must be present at all times within the road closure to allow access to property and for emergency vehicles. 
Immediately after event The street must be returned to its original condition and all signage taken down as soon as it is safe to do so immediately after the event ending. If there is a failure to do so, the Council will remove signage and invoice the organiser for the service

Filming on the highway?

For any filming on the public highway which requires traffic management, we will need to be notified at least 12 weeks in advance of filming. Applications to film where no traffic management is required must be submitted 6 weeks in advance of filming. For more information about what is required to apply for permission to film and our standards, please see our Filming Policy and our Filming event guidance notes.

Filming events guidance notes

Size: 89.70 KB File format: docx

Cambridgeshire County Council Filming Policy

Size: 143.58 KB File format: docx

To apply to film on the public highway, please use the below application form.

Filming events application form

Size: 136.00 KB File format: doc

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