The East West Rail Eastern Section Rail Prospectus sets out the economic and growth opportunities that can be realised by providing better rail connectivity between Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridge with Milton Keynes, Oxford and beyond.

The prospectus has been developed by local authorities in Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire in conjunction with New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership and the East West Rail Consortium. Through better rail connectivity, the three counties have the potential to improve economic performance, grow industries, and create new jobs. It will also enable housing growth, as well as reduce road congestion and long journey times.

The rail route between Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridge already exists and will form the Eastern Section of the East West Rail link – a new rail route which will connect the Eastern Section via Cambridge and Bedford (known as the Central Section) with Aylesbury, Milton Keynes and Oxford (the Western Section).

Work is progressing on delivering the Western Section. And a route is being determined for the Central Section, but the Eastern Section urgently needs upgrading before the counties of Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire can reach their full economic potential. And equally play their part in forming a strategic rail route from East to West. 

Eastern Section stakeholders will be working with East West Rail Consortium partners, Members of Parliament, businesses, national bodies and Government organisations to drive forward the improvements needed to support increased passenger rail frequencies, reduce journey times and support more freight on rail.

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