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Communities organise themselves in community flood groups.

Membership of a flood group is anything from two active neighbours to a formal organisation where at least some of the members live in the local area and are focused on the following activities:

  • Taking practical action in the locality to contribute to flood risk reduction
  • Acting to benefit the wider community, not just their household/property
  • Developing knowledge regarding local flood risk and its management
  • Coordinating with agencies or other organisations which may be relevant to flood risk reduction and management

Additionally, community flood groups usually provide information about flood-related issues, including information and training regarding the use of flood adaptation measures. Sometimes they also work as lobby groups for flood protection schemes on local or national level. Some community flood groups may even discuss policy changes and have meetings with the parliament.

The first community flood group in UK is the Bewdley Resident’s Flood Committee, which was created after the major flood events in the summer of 2000. In the autumn of 2000, flood events on the River Severn resulted in the development of the National Flood Forum (NFF) - A charity to help, support and represent people at risk of flooding.

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