Community Coordinators Youth


The Community Coordinators Youth role helps to build community capacity through liaising, supporting and working collaboratively with a range of community members and agencies in Cambridgeshire. This is carried out with groups who primarily work with 0-19’s and their wider families.

What we do

  • We help and support community groups to identify needs in their local area and address these from within the community. This community led service is achieved through a process known as Asset Based Community Development.
  • We guide and support groups to understand the needs, gain skills, tools, and assets needed to achieve their aims and support their community.
  • Groups who would like further support can be guided by us, to ensure they have their governance, any training, and processes completed, to ensure safe practice for their projects in their community.
  • We can also help with signposting to funding, linking with other community groups, and sharing relevant information.
  • We also have a small grant called a Community Reach Fund (CRF). This is a great starting point to help a group get started as it can support costs such as DBS, Liability Insurance and some small start-up resources. Please contact us to find out more.

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