Community Reach Fund

The Community Reach Fund (CRF) provides seed funding (up to £1,000) for community led projects to respond to local need.

We support projects that can demonstrate: 

  • community members developing their own initiatives and by doing so contributing to community resilience
  • being inclusive and having a shared benefit to their communities
  • motivating and empowering other community members to take part and by doing so developing social capacity
  • developing opportunities for communities to contribute towards our seven ambitions

We use the CRF as a tool to support new and developing community groups to explore their governance and safeguarding in a professional and meaningful way and to secure sufficient funding to get started. The application process starts by contacting your district community co-ordinator, who will ensure your project fits the criteria so that no one is set up to fail. By building skills, confidence, support network and momentum we hope that groups will become sustainable and develop their professionalism through our offer to communities, so that they can confidently and competently meet the needs of their community through their project.

Alongside the CRF, we offer a Community Enabler grant which has a similar process and focuses on the same criteria and enables grants of up to £500 that support communities to respond at pace to a community issue and enable a positive outcome.

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