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20mph speed limit approved for parts of Huntingdon

28 March 2024

Since this article was published this decision has been retracted. Please see our more recent update on the 20mph zones in Huntingdon:

Huntingdon 20mph zones to be considered at committee - Cambridgeshire County Council

20mph zones have been approved for parts of Huntingdon, following consultation with residents as part of the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) process.

Local councillors reviewed consultation feedback and agreed a two-phase approach when they met earlier in March. A smaller 20 mph zone will be introduced than the area originally proposed which covered the whole of the town.

At a later date - and subject to local agreement - this 20mph zone may then be expanded to the rest of Huntingdon.

The scheme was put forward by local councillors on behalf of the community in response to the County Council’s call for 20mph schemes. It is being funded by the Transforming Cities Fund, provided via the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority, and will be implemented during the summer.

The scheme means that speeds on most residential streets will now become 20mph. The approved first phase will see 20mph zones introduced in West and South Huntingdon from the summer.

20mph speed limits may be introduced in residential areas of North Huntingdon and Hartford at a later date after further consultation.

All main through routes and industrial roads will retain their existing speed limits.

Councillor Tom Sanderson, local councillor for Huntingdon West at Cambridgeshire County Council, said: “Councillor Wilson, Councillor King and I have been speaking to Huntingdon residents about these plans. I’m excited about the positive changes that 20mph speed limits should bring to the lives of people in Huntingdon.

“20mph zones bring lots of benefits including improved road safety and reduced pollution which help make these areas nicer places to live. Once the new 20mph zones have been introduced later this year, I look forward to revisiting whether they should be expanded to include other residential areas of Huntingdon.”

Cllr Alex Beckett, chair of the Highways and Transport Committee at Cambridgeshire County Council, said: “Speed kills. Studies have shown even a 1mph drop in speed reduces collisions by 6 per cent. Reducing speed limits from 30mph to 20mph can cut pollution by 30 per cent and reduce the chance of a severe or fatal injury in the event of a collision by a staggering 60 per cent.

“In areas where lower speed limits are introduced, people also become more confident to go out walking and cycling, or use other forms of non-motorised transport.

“I’m pleased to hear 20mph will soon be rolled out in parts of Huntingdon and see the residents benefitting from safer travel and cleaner air too, which will help create a greener Cambridgeshire for everyone.”

The Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) procedure is a statutory consultation process. The consultation period for a 20mph speed limit on residential roads in Huntingdon began on 17 January with a notice in the Hunts Post, and ran until 8 February. On street notices were displayed across the town and the consultation was also promoted online. The decision was made by Huntingdon County Councillors at a delegated decision meeting on 18 March 2024.

You can find the decision report on our website.