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How Cambridgeshire County Council is marking Flood Action Week 2022

07 November 2022

Throughout the year Cambridgeshire County Council’s Flood Risk Team works hard with partners, stakeholders and residents to try to prevent flooding, raise awareness of it, and deal with it when it occurs.

These include our regular journeys across the county (Floodmobile) – the next event, on November 12th in Ramsey, will be our last of the year.

We also hold numerous other flood awareness and education events around flood risk management, watercourse management, and flood investigations.

There’s also a host of resources, such as our watercourse guidance for those who have a watercourse on or next to land they own or tenant. The objectives are to provide detailed information on rights and responsibilities for maintenance, guidance on watercourses, and how to reinstate a piped or culverted watercourse.

In September we held our first conference at the Club in Alconbury Enterprise Campus – ‘Cambridgeshire Flood Groups Conference Day: How we can work together to combat flooding’.

Speakers included representatives from Alconbury Brook Flood Group, Flood Re, AECOM and the National Flood Forum.

Cambridgeshire County Council Flood programme manager Charles Krolik-Root said: “The flood conference was sold out two weeks before it took place, and we would like to thank every one of the speakers who provided so many interesting insights which can now be viewed on our channel.

“As part of Flood Awareness week, we would invite everyone to see the hard work that goes into combatting floods throughout the entire year, both from CCC and also many other organisations and individuals.”

A full play list of the eight presentations, plus an overview of the day, can be seen here