Register a stillbirth

Stillbirth registration began on 1 July 1927 to help protect infant life. It gives parents the opportunity to have their child officially acknowledged and to give him or her names if they wish to. It is also an important source of historical and statistical information.

When a child is stillborn the midwife or doctor will issue a medical certificate of stillbirth which will be used to register the stillbirth.

To book an appointment to register a stillbirth, please telephone 0345 045 1363.

You can find details of who can register the stillbirth at GOV.UK.

There is no charge for this service. Fees are payable for certificates.

Changing details on a stillbirth registration

If errors are discovered, you are able to change or add details. You should contact the register office where the stillbirth was registered to carry out this process.

Any correction requested to a stillbirth certificate will have to be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of £75 or £90 (dependent on whether the correction can be done locally or has to be referred to General Register Office). Any correction application must be made in the district where the event occurred. We therefore request that you check the register page very carefully before signing to avoid the need to make corrections.