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Huntingdonshire Resident Parking Schemes - general terms and conditions

Charges covering the administration, issuing, development and enforcement of permits are reviewed on a regular basis.

Obtaining any permit through false or inaccurate information or using a permit in a way not prescribed within the Terms and Conditions relating to the permits type, may result in the immediate cancellation of the permit. The Council will keep any money paid and will not normally give refunds.

Dishonoured payments may result in the immediate cancellation of the permit.

In making an application for any of the permits offered by the Council, the applicant authorises the Council to make any further checks as it sees fit to validate the data provided. The Council may ask applicants to supply documentary proof of:

  • Residency
  • Ownership of vehicles

The Council reserves the right to refuse an application or renewal of any permit described in these terms and conditions, if there has previously been a fraudulent application made or repeated misuse of a permit by the applicant.

The Council reserves the right to update and vary the terms and conditions from time to time or as required due to legislative changes and amendments of any Traffic Regulation Orders.

The Council issues all permits at its discretion and they remain the property of the Council at all times. The Council may cancel or withdraw by notice at any time.

You should return a paper permit promptly to the Council when no longer required or after the Council has issued a written withdrawal notice.

All permits are non-transferrable. It is your responsibility to inform the Council of any changes of address, or changes to car registration details as soon as possible so that the Council can update or cancel the permit.

It remains your responsibility to park your vehicle legally and safely at all times.

If you park in a marked permit holder’s only bay, your vehicle must be able to fit wholly within the bay. Vehicles not parked wholly within the markings of a bay could receive a Fixed Penalty Notice. 

You must move your vehicle on the instructions of a police officer.

When parked, you must display permits in the front windscreen of the vehicle so that a Police or Council Officer can see and read all the permit details. Failure to clearly display a valid permit may result in the Police serving a Fixed Penalty Notice.

You can only use permits in the scheme for which the Council issues. Scheme identifiers will be clearly marked on each permit.

Permits are vehicle specific and you can only use them in that vehicle. The vehicle registration number will be clearly marked on each permit.

Your permit entitles you to park in any bay within your scheme marked “Resident Permit Holders Only.” A permit will not exempt you from other waiting restriction in your area.

If we need to suspend a bay for any reason, then you may not park in it whilst we suspend it. Signs confirming the suspension details are usually installed seven days prior the suspension start date. They remain in situ for the suspension period. You will need to make alternative parking arrangements. Using a permit in a scheme for which you are not entitled could result in the Police issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice.

You should only park caravans and trailers within a resident bay or permit holders parking area for the purposes of loading or unloading. You should attach the caravan or trailer to the vehicle displaying a valid permit. Abuse of this may lead to the Council withdrawing a permit.

Where a resident is a disabled person who holds a Blue Badge, the Blue Badge acts as a permit for as long as the Blue Badge is valid. You must display the Blue Badge in a vehicle parked in a Resident scheme.

The issue of a permit does not reserve or guarantee the availability of a parking space.

Resident Permits

Your sole or main residence should be the one from which you are applying. It must be within that defined Resident Parking Scheme’s area. You must be able to prove residency.

You must be the policyholder or main insured driver in the vehicle insurance certificate and covering letter. If it is a company car with fleet insurance, then we will accept a letter from the company on headed paper stating that you are the main user of the vehicle.

All vehicles must have the following to use a resident permit:

  • Valid MOT
  • Valid insurance certificate in the policyholder or main insured driver's name
  • Valid Road Fund licence

Not all addresses within a scheme are eligible for permits. Residents of new developments, or properties redeveloped or converted since the introduction date of the parking scheme for their area, are generally not eligible for Residents’ Permits. Contact the Parking Permits Team for more information.

If you live in a “house of multiple occupancy” (shared house) we will treat this as one address only for applications. If you live in a flat/annex, then we will treat each flat within a house, annex or building as a separate address. If you are not sure which applies, please seek assistance from the Parking Permits Team. Generally, a “house of multiple occupancy” is registered as one address for council tax purposes and flats within a building are registered as separate addresses and have separate entrances.

We will only issue your permit for the Resident Parking Scheme you live in.

Permits are non-refundable.

A Resident Permit becomes invalid and you must return if:

  • You move from the area
  • Sell the vehicle for which we issued the permit

Data Protection

Cambridgeshire County Council collects and uses personal data for the purposes of parking management as part of our public task under Traffic Management 2004. This can include receiving information from, and sharing information with, highways and councillors where required.

This authority is under a duty to protect the public funds it administers, and to this end may use the information you have provided this authority for the prevention and detection of fraud. It may also share this information with other bodies administering public funds solely for these purposes.

Full details about how we use this data and the rights you have around this can be found in our privacy notice


You can contact us by phone on 01223 727 900 (open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm) or by email to

Postal address:
Cambridge Parking Permits
Cambridgeshire County Council
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