Resident Parking Schemes

Resident Parking Schemes are generally used in areas where there is competing parking demand from a mixture of users such as residents, businesses, commuters and shoppers.

They aim to give residents who live in a designated street a fair chance of parking close to their homes but do not guarantee a parking space.

Schemes may include limited waiting and pay and display bays which enable short-stay, non-permit parking for people using local facilities. Double yellow lines may be installed to identify where parking is not permitted.

These schemes require management and enforcement so the permit charges we set cover the associated scheme costs.

Eligible residents are able to buy a yearly parking permit.

We have Resident Parking Schemes operating in Cambridge, Huntingdonshire and South Cambridgeshire. Find out more information about their day-to-day operations or apply for a parking permit by selecting an area below:

You can view all Resident Parking Scheme areas on the My Cambridgeshire Map website. Tick the 'Resident Parking Scheme' category to view the layer on the map.

Enquire about a Resident Parking Scheme in your area

A Resident Parking Scheme is one of several options available to address the parking needs of residents. It may not suit all areas, particularly those where car ownership exceeds parking capacity.

Within Cambridge City Resident Parking Schemes will be considered by Greater Cambridge Partnership, in consultation with the County Council. Resident Parking Scheme across the Districts will be considered by the County Council.

Resident Parking Scheme are generally only considered where:

  • It can be clearly shown that there is significant and persistent parking stress in the area
  • The local community can evidence widespread support for the introduction of a scheme
  • A scheme is technically, financially and operationally feasible

You can read more information about how Resident Parking Schemes work and what is involved in setting one up by reading our Resident Parking Scheme Policy.

If you think a scheme may suit your area, please contact your county councillor. Visit our county councillors page to find their contact details.

Consultations and installations

Find out which areas are at the consultation or installation stage:

You can contact us by:

Cambridge Parking Permits
Cambridgeshire County Council
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