Gritting roads, cycleways and paths

Our winter season lasts from 1st November to 15th April and throughout this time our fleet of gritters and drivers will be standing by.

Regular updates will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, including when the roads will be gritted and any weather warnings.  All our winter related information that people may find useful or interesting will be tagged with #grittertwitter (please note you do not need an account to view these updates).

The Snow Code has been developed to provide useful advice for local residents and businesses on clearing snow and ice from pathways and driveways.

Gritting routes across the county can be viewed on our My Cambridgeshire map system. Please click the button below and then select the "transport and streets" category on the map, followed by the primary and secondary gritting routes tick box options.

Gritting plan 2019
view gritting routes as a pdf
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Frequently asked questions

Detailed gritting routes

The following are detailed gritting routes of footways which our volunteers across Cambridgeshire help treat when temperatures drop to freezing and below. Please note that as they are volunteers, there may be occasions when these are not gritted.

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