Report a highways fault

Report a highways fault

You can report highways faults in Cambridgeshire online by using our Highways Reporting Tool. Faults reported in this way will be assessed by a Local Highways Officer within 10 working days.

To report a highways fault that poses an immediate danger to the public, please read the guidance on reporting a highways emergency. Examples of highways emergencies include:

  • Manholes or gratings that are missing
  • Traffic signalled junctions or crossing, all lights out, damaged street lights, traffic signals, lit bollards and lit signs where wires are exposed
  • Debris, including mud, stones or oil on the road
  • Fallen tree or branch blocking part or all the road or path
  • Extensive flooding resulting in road being impassable
  • Large dead animals - eg cattle / deer / horse causing obstruction
  • Overhead cables fallen across the highway
  • Potholes - only deep potholes on busy A roads and main distributor roads that cause a danger to the public will be treated as an emergency
  • Road signs, safety fences, guardrails and other street furniture damaged so they are a direct danger or obstruction to the travelling public - for example if it's bent into the path of vehicles
  • Structure collapse - for example, bridge / culvert / wall / fences / scaffold / hoarding

If the highways fault is non-dangerous, then please continue to report the issue using our online Highways Reporting Tool. It will be assessed within 10 working days.

Please do not step out onto a busy highway to measure or photograph the fault you are reporting. Our Local Highways Officers will do this when they investigate your report.

Damage and personal injury claims

If you feel that damage to your vehicle or personal injury has been caused by defects on the highway and you intend to make a claim, please complete the highways defects insurance claim form.

CCC Highways defects insurance claim form
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Potholes we repaired last week

Between 5 and 11 September 2020, we repaired 1,007 potholes across Cambridgeshire.