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You can report problems on roads or pavements including potholes, kerbs, verges, flooding, hedges and trees, public rights of way, road markings, road signs and traffic signals on our highway reporting tool through the link below.

Report a highway problem
(including potholes)

If you wish to report a street light not working, please use the Balfour Beatty street light fault reporting form or call 0800 7838247.

You can also use the highway reporting tool to track progress on a fault already reported. Enter the reference number for your fault or the area of the fault into the top right hand box on the map to view updates.

Potholes we repaired last week
15 to 21 June 2019


Do not report a highways problem online if:

  • it presents a danger to the public – please call the police on 101
  • it’s on a trunk road – in Cambridgeshire these are the M11, A1, A47, A14, A11 and the A428 – please call Highways England on 0300 123 5000
  • it's on a private road – maintenance of private roads is the responsibility of the landowner

Please do not step out into a busy highway to measure the problem you are reporting, our Local Highway Officers will do this once the report has been submitted.

Damage and personal injury claims

If you feel that damage to your vehicle or personal injury has been caused by defects on the highway and you intend to make a claim, please complete the highways defects insurance claim form

Highway defects insurance claim form

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