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March Transport Study quick win schemes - Norwood Avenue


In 2019, the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority (CPCA) procured the March Transport Study. The study aims to understand the transport issues faced by residents in March. As part of the March Transport Study, we have developed a number of quick win schemes. One of these is to introduce a footpath improvement on Norwood Avenue in March.

Due to the complexities of this area and the ability to accommodate suitable proposed interventions, it has taken some time to get to this stage. Before we could put forward the measure, we had to consider:

  • Entrances and exits to properties
  • Existing lighting
  • Distances between interventions
Norwood Avenue overview363KBpdf
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The overview document shows the proposed footpath improvement on Norwood Avenue at the junction with B1101. We propose widening the current footpath to provide safer conditions when walking. The proposed improvements were identified from site visits and include:

  • Proposed build out to improve visibility at crossing point – new footway to tie into existing
  • Re-marking of centreline
  • White lines to mark existing street parking from the end of the build out to existing access
  • Renewal of ‘Give Way’ road markings
  • Maintain existing crossing point with dropped kerbs
  • Double yellow road marking parking restriction to tie back into existing

There are very few adverse impacts to local residents on and around Norwood Avenue. It is likely disruption will occur during construction.

We welcome comments from all local residents and businesses on the proposal.

How to comment

Public engagement runs from Friday 5 March to Monday 22 March 2021.

Please email your comments to


The CPCA is funding the March Transport Study and the quick win schemes. We are project managing the study and schemes.

What happens next

We will analyse and review your comments and responses. The outcome of the engagement and the final design recommendations will be presented to the project board and the member steering group.

Subject to this engagement process and approval at committee / board, we will amend the designs and it will move forward to detailed design with notices of intent that enable residents to object formally to any changes. We will conduct a road safety audit and then the project will proceed to the cost stage and then to construction.