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Surface water management plans

The Council has a duty to undertake Surface Water Management Plans (SWMPs) which identify areas vulnerable to flooding. The areas (called 'wet spots') once identified will then be prioritised for further investigation and eventual mitigation where economically viable.

The strategic SWMP for Cambridgeshire was produced in May 2011 by the Cambridgeshire Flood Risk Management Partnership (CFRMP). A detailed assessment of flood risk areas in Cambridge and Milton has also been undertaken in partnership with Cambridge City Council.

Detailed surface water management plans

The following reports are detailed Surface Water Management Plans for the county. Please note these reports are in various stages of approval.

Size: 4.6MBFile format: pdf
Size: 6.01MBFile format: pdf
March_detailed_SWMP_report (1)12.6MBpdf
Size: 12.6MBFile format: pdf
Size: 6.74MBFile format: pdf