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Business Plan 2024 to 2025


Our Business Plan is refreshed every year and formally approved by Full Council each February.

The 2024 to 2025 Business Plan provides a summary of our:

  • Long term vision and ambitions for Cambridgeshire
  • Budget allocations for 2024 to 2025
  • Business cases for new savings and investments
  • Planned activities for the next five years

Our vision for Cambridgeshire

Our councillors and staff across Cambridgeshire are committed to

"Creating a greener, fairer and more caring Cambridgeshire"

We will deliver this vision by being closer to our communities, partners and residents, so that Cambridgeshire can become greener, fairer and more caring in the ways that are most suitable to the variety of people and communities we serve.

Watch our Highways and Transport pathways video (YouTube) which is an example of the work we are doing to make Cambridgeshire a greener, fairer and more caring county.

Please watch in YouTube for more accessibility options. - opens in a new tab

Watch our other videos of the work we are doing in support of our vision.

Our ambitions for Cambridgeshire

To achieve our vision, we have seven ambitions:

  1. Net zero carbon emissions for Cambridgeshire by 2045, and our communities and natural environment are supported to adapt and thrive as the climate changes
  2. Travel across the county is safer and more environmentally sustainable
  3. Health inequalities are reduced
  4. People enjoy healthy, safe and independent lives through timely support that is most suited to their needs
  5. People are helped out of poverty and income inequality
  6. Places and communities prosper because they have a resilient and inclusive economy, access to good quality public services and social justice is prioritised.
  7. Children and young people have opportunities to thrive

Further information about each of these ambitions and how we will track progress is published in our Strategic Framework (Section 1 of the Business Plan).

You can read this, along with all the approved documents which form the Business Plan, below.

Strategic Framework

This document describes our vision and ambitions for working towards that vision. It also gives some context about the county and background about the services we provide. All other parts of the business plan go towards delivering on this vision and the ambitions.

Medium-Term Financial Strategy

This document sets out in some detail the national and local context in which the business plan is produced. It provides estimates of our funding over the medium-term, and shows how the budget requirement is built up. It sets out our reserves strategy, fees and charges policy and provides some overview of key risks.

Finance Tables

This is the detailed service-by-service budget for the medium-term. It shows how budgets are built up, including investments and savings, and also shows planned capital expenditure.

Business Cases

For savings, pressures and investments, underpinning business cases are provided to show that they are evidenced and fully planned. These include an assessment of their impact on Cambridgeshire in social, environmental as well as financial terms.


The results of the consultation with residents that informed the drafting of the business plan.

Capital Strategy

This document is a formal requirement for councils to produce. It sets out in detail our capital expenditure plan for the medium-term and how it will be funded. In particular, it draws attention to the level of borrowing that will be required to fund our capital schemes in a given year, and the impact of the cost of that borrowing on our revenue budgets. It also provides an analysis of performance of our capital investments.

Treasury Management Strategy

This document is a formal requirement for councils to produce. It sets out how we will manage our cash and cashflows over the medium-term. It includes planning for cash needed day to day, and how that will be balanced with getting a return on money that we hold. It also complements the capital strategy in terms of looking at affordability of our capital plans and the key indicators against which we will measure the prudence of our treasury management.