School admissions for Ukrainian children


Families arriving from Ukraine with school-aged children who need to apply for a school place can do so by downloading and completing the document below.

Apply for a school place for a Ukrainian child

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Important information

  • If you are the Host and have made an application before your family arrived, have you told us they are now with you?
  • You must name the parent on the application form as they are the one with parental responsibility.
  • Please ensure your application is complete and you have submitted evidence of identification and date of birth.
  • If a family is not residing with you but at another address, we will need evidence for the address where the applicant will be living.
  • Please email or attach documents to the application but do not send a link to a cloud account as we cannot access them.

Please note: All Ukrainian school admission applications will be treated equally with all school admission applications.

  • Due to pressures on school places, a school place will be offered when the family are resident in the UK.
  • If your Ukrainian family want to put their child into a different year group, they need to take up a school place for the correct chronological year group initially and discuss with the school the possibility of going back a year. There is no automatic right to do this. Schools will liaise with parents/child on the suitability and in some cases, families may look to officially defer.

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School transport

You are responsible for ensuring the necessary transport arrangements are made so that your children can attend school.

In certain circumstances, we will provide free home to school transport. We arrange school transport for children and young people in Cambridgeshire who are eligible for transport.

You will find further information on these pages about who is eligible for transport, our transport policies, how to apply and what other help might be available to you.