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School admissions in Cambridgeshire

It is your responsibility as a parent / carer to make an application for a school place. School admissions in Cambridgeshire are managed by the School Admissions Team. We deal with applications for places in all school year groups, with the exception of sixth forms and colleges.

If you are in receipt of certain benefits your child may be entitled to free school meals. This can save you paying up to £400 a year for school meals. There may be other financial help associated with learning.

Contact the Admissions Team

Please use our enquiry form and select 'school admissions' from the options.

OCT1221, The Octagon, Castle Hill, Cambridge, CB3 0AP
Telephone: 0345 045 1370  Fax: 01223 727 941

All admissions to maintained schools, including Academies, are made in accordance with the School Admissions Code. This ensures that school places are allocated in an open and fair way.