Cambridgeshire County Council has adopted a code dealing with the conduct that is expected of members and co-opted members of the authority when they are acting in that capacity as required by Section 27 of the Localism Act 2011.

All councillors have a duty to abide by the Code of Conduct and sanctions can be taken against a councillor who has been found to have breached any part of the code. If you are unhappy about the way a councillor or co-opted member has behaved and believe that he or she has breached the council's Code of Conduct you can complain to the council.

The monitoring officer is responsible for administering the system in respect of complaints of member misconduct. If you wish to make a complaint you can do it in one of the following ways:


  • email: [email protected]
  • write to:
    The Monitoring Officer
    Cambridgeshire County Council
    Shire Hall
    Castle Hill
    Cambridge CB3 0AP

If you wish to speak to the monitoring officer before formalising your complaint telephone 07827 957844. You are required to provide your name and a contact or e-mail address so that receipt of your complaint can be acknowledged and you can be informed of its progress.


Please indicate if you wish to keep your name and address confidential, in which case the council will not disclose it to the member against whom you are making the complaint, without your prior consent. The authority does not normally investigate anonymous complaints, unless there is a public interest in doing so.

The monitoring officer will review all complaints received by the authority and shall, in consultation with the independent person, undertake an initial assessment to determine, whether the complaint is admissible and, if so, to decide whether:

  • it warrants investigation
  • it may be suitable for alternative resolution without investigation
  • it does not warrant further action

Sean Brady and Gillian Holmes have been appointed by the Council to the role of Independent Person until 30th October 2019. The arrangements for dealing with allegations of breaches of the Members' Code of Conduct and a flowchart outlining the process can be accessed below :

Dealing with allegations of breaches

Size: 46.83 KB File format: pdf

Members' ethics complaints procedure flowchart

Size: 63.49 KB File format: pdf

Recent decisions:

Decision Notice COR002-0079

Size: 184.45 KB File format: pdf

Decision Notice COR002-0075

Size: 85.25 KB File format: pdf

Decision Notice COR0020/82

Size: 261.89 KB File format: pdf

Decision Notice COR0020/81

Size: 192.57 KB File format: pdf

Decision Notice 22674 a

Size: 11.58 KB File format: pdf

Decision Notice 22852

Size: 12.14 KB File format: pdf

Decision Notice 22870

Size: 11.82 KB File format: pdf

Decision Notice 32450

Size: 25.68 KB File format: pdf

Decision Notice 22674 b

Size: 12.59 KB File format: pdf

Decision Notice 22674 c

Size: 12.91 KB File format: pdf

Decision Notice 23035

Size: 12.99 KB File format: pdf

Decision Notice 34444

Size: 19.03 KB File format: pdf

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