Council complaints procedures

Feedback Policy

As an organisation we welcome feedback and are committed to learning from any feedback, positive or negative. We take all feedback (complaints, compliments, suggestions and representations) received seriously.

Our Feedback Policy document details how we deal with any feedback that we receive.

Adult social care complaints and feedback

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School complaints

You should approach the school directly if you wish to make a complaint.  Complaints are handled by the school's governing body.

All schools publish a complaints procedure and you  should follow that process.

All schools are independently governed and managed. Cambridgeshire County Council has no statutory powers of intervention in individual school complaints. Every maintained school or academy complaints procedure should explain how the complaint can be referred beyond the school at the conclusion of the school process.

This involves writing to the Secretary of State for Education for a maintained school or the Education Funding Agency for an academy. The latter cannot change a decision an academy has made, but check if your complaint has been properly considered.

You must have exhausted the school complaints procedure before taking this step.

The school can explain these steps to you.

Customer Handling Policy

The vast majority of complaints are handled effectively through the procedures outlined in our Feedback Policy.

Very occasionally, however, customers may be pursuing complaints and other issues in ways which we believe are unhelpful.

Our Customer Handling Policy describes how the Council may deal with customers where the customer is unreasonably persistent or otherwise acts unreasonably.

This policy, together with guidance for staff on the relevant procedures, helps Cambridgeshire County Council deal with customers in ways which are consistent and fair.

Children's Services annual report

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Adults and Social Care annual report

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