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Lead Authority Model

From 1 December 2020 Cambridgeshire County Council, Milton Keynes Council and Northamptonshire County Council entered into a Lead Authority arrangement for its shared services.

The following year, on 1 April 2021, Northamptonshire County Council became North Northamptonshire Council and West Northamptonshire Council, and the two new councils became partners in the Lead Authority shared arrangements.

The management of the service falls under the ‘lead’ council who is responsible for the performance of the service to its customers and partners.

The services and their Lead Authority are as follows.

Lead Authority – Cambridgeshire County Council

  • Accounts Payable

As well as processing invoices, the Accounts Payable team also deal with returned or incorrect payments and arranging foreign payments, we can also arrange urgent same-day payments.

All payment runs are processed through our BACS bureau and we coordinate any necessary monthly returns to HM Revenue & Customs for our customers.

  • Debt and Income

Advising and implementing robust debt management processes and policies for our customers to support our customers to effectively recover debt and manage income into their organisations.

We process all income received, allocate receipts to customer invoices and seek settlement of outstanding invoices.

  • Insurance

We provide claims administration (motor and specialist lines), claims management (casualty and material damage) insurance policy procurement, insurance policy management, risk financing support and underwriting advice and guidance

We are particularly proud of our insurance programme design, full procurement support and our ability to reduce claims management and handling costs.

Lead Authority – West Northamptonshire Council

  • Payroll and HR Transactions
  • Business Systems and Change
  • Performance and Governance
  • Pensions