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Cambridgeshire Academy for Reaching Excellence (CARE)

Our space to learn and grow

Cambridgeshire Academy for Reaching Excellence (CARE) is our new approach and commitment to support learning and develop for our current and future children’s Social Workers and social care practitioners.

The new Social Care Academy will provide our dedicated and caring workforce with the best support and learning opportunities so that they can be the best they can be and together we achieve excellence throughout Cambridgeshire and improved outcomes for our children and young people. CARE will drive forward a culture change where everyone is valued and experiences kindness and compassion. The focus is on growing people and supporting colleagues to create a more stable workforce.

The learning offered will include the fundamental knowledge building blocks and skills essential to excellence and will be delivered through tailored courses and programmes, giving participants the chance to specialise in a team they feel best supports their career choices and aspirations.

What is the academy doing differently to what is being offered now?

We’re building on the good work in place and strengthening the link between knowledge acquisition, skills development and how this is implemented and practiced, with a focus on increasing the level of support and guidance available to newer colleagues. We are going to increase our workforce by offering a compelling answer to the question ‘why Cambridgeshire’. 

We have started recruiting

In January 2024 we look forward to welcoming a group of social workers who are joining us from overseas, during their first 6 months, they will be receiving a tailored programme which will support them to transition practicing social work in the UK. 

We are also delighted that the number of places on our 4th cohort of Social Work Apprenticeship has been increased compared to previous years and about 10 apprentices are commencing the qualification pathway in January.

We also recently welcomed a new cohort of newly qualified social workers who are undertaking their Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) programme with us, these colleagues are already benefitting from a redesigned offer to support their first year of social work practice.

Working together to create opportunities for children and young people

How is this being funded?

A joint investment from the Council and the Department for Education (DfE) will see a total of over £1m made available to support the academy during its first year.

Once fully established, the academy is expected to be supporting 60 to 70 social workers who will be at different points of their social work careers. Its foremost aim will be to strengthen our approach to the recruitment and retention of social workers and their commitment to establishing excellent practice in the workforce both now and in the future.

Check out the videos below for more information about our new Social Care Academy.

Please watch in YouTube for more accessibility options. - opens in a new tab

Please watch in YouTube for more accessibility options. - opens in a new tab

Apply now

If you like the sound of moving to an authority where social workers are truly valued and challenged, please apply below or get in touch with us today by calling Beth on 01223 475920 or email

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