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Adult social worker vacancies

We're advancing. Join us on our journey

Join our adult social care teams

For more information call Beth 01223 699263 or email welovesocialworkers@cambridgeshire.g

The pandemic has been a real challenge, maybe the hardest in our history, but our adult social care teams have advanced as a result.

We have great progression pathways and training opportunities

We offer a comprehensive Learning and development programme with opportunities to develop specialisms like Practice Educator and AMHP courses.

Visit our Practice, learning and development page to find out more.

"My manager supported me to develop my career by attaining post qualifying qualifications at partner University ARU which has helped me to progress on the leadership ladder" Mariama, Team Manager, Transfer of Care

We have a great culture where social workers feel safe in their practice

We are a learning organisation - sometimes the best learning comes when you don’t get it right. We turn mistakes into positive learning experiences and are always supporting each other. 

Find out more on our Practice, learning and development page

"I am part of a very supportive team and this, I think, makes a big difference to social work practitioners who encounter many challenges in their work. The personal qualities of my colleagues and the supportive atmosphere in the team creates a great ethos" - Stuart, Social Worker, Adult Social Care Team

We have committed to enhancing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

We have an inclusive culture and have launched a range of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives to help us promote this. Having a diverse workforce is of the utmost importance; especially in terms of shared learning, discussing caseloads and achieving the best outcomes for the people who use our services.

Find out more about our Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) initiatives here.

"Our EDI initiatives and events aim to give people space to be themselves" - Peter Shelton, Head of Social Work, Adults and Specialist and Wellbeing Champion

We have changed the way we work with more flexible and remote working

We are working to a hybrid model at present, with part-remote and flexible options available in line with our service needs. This gives our social workers a quiet space and plenty of time for reflection. It has also increased our social worker’s autonomy and has a positive impact on wellbeing and work-life balance.

"The flexibility is a really positive thing, there is the option to go into the office or remain at home. This has enabled me to have a great work life balance and is good for my wellbeing". Charlotte, Social Worker, Adult's Social Care Team

We have inspirational team managers

We have supportive team managers to help facilitate a culture of trust and autonomy whilst supporting social workers to thrive in their roles.

"The managers are really open to question and chats, It's amazing how much support and flexibility they give to people dealing with personal circumstance. The managers take on board what you want to do as a practitioner - you can tell them what areas you like or what areas you want to develop and they will givy you that type of work. It's very forward thinking" - Musharraf, Adults Team

We’ve changed a lot but one thing’s for sure, we still love social workers.

Make the move to Cambridgeshire County Council and advance with us. We offer a competitive salary, a relocation package of up to £8,000, plus tonnes of other benefits.

We’ve progressed so much already but we need your help. Join us and be part of an authority that has accepted the challenge to constantly improve.

You can get in touch with us today by calling Beth on 01223 699263. Alternatively, you can email us on

If you are interested in this type of work but do not have a social work qualification, find out more about our alternatively qualified adult support co-ordinator roles here.