Overnight resurfacing work is due to start next month on three major routes in Cambridgeshire.

 The proposed work includes resurfacing and new road markings on the A505 Whittlesford, A505 M11/Duxford Interchange, A505 Duxford, A505 Flint Cross, A1303/4 Stetchworth Roundabout and A10 Hauxton/Harston.

 Our contractors will carry out the work overnight to reduce the impact on road users, and it will vary in duration from four to 14 days spread over the next three months. The resurfacing will be carried out Monday to Friday between 8pm and 6am.

The first part of the work will commence on Thursday 7 September 2017 along the A505 Whittlesford. The last scheme will be the A10 Hauxton/ Harston, ending in November 2017.

Drivers are advised to follow the signed diversion route during the road closures and allow extra time for their journeys.

Joshua Rutherford, Project Engineer for Cambridgeshire County Council said: “We need to resurface these roads as they have deteriorated. We have worked hard with our contractor – Jackson’s CE to forward plan and reduce the impact the work will have by working off-peak and not during the day. We are working closely with local residents and businesses to find solutions that minimises the impact of the work. We will be using several innovative materials and processes throughout the works which should increase the overall lifespan of the resurfaced areas.”

This is part of the County Council’s investment in regular maintenance of our roads to ensure they are reliable for drivers.

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Diversion Routes

A505 Whittlesford

4 days



A505 – A1301 – A1309 – A10 - A505 and vice versa

A505 M11/Duxford Interchange

8 days



A505 – A1301 – A1309 – A10 – A505 and vice versa

M11 North bound diverted to Junction 11

M11 South bound diverted to Junction 9a and A1301

A505 Duxford

7 days



A505 – A1301 – A1309 – A10 – A505 and vice versa

A505 Flint Cross

6 days



A505 – A1301 – A1309 – A10 – A505 and vice versa

B1368 – Shepreth Road – A10 – B1039 – B1368 and vice versa

A1303/4 Stetchworth roundabout

8 days



A1304 - B1061 - Station Road - A1304 and vice versa


A1303 - Swaffham Heath Road - A1304 - Station Road - B1061 - A1304 and vice versa.

A10 Hauxton/


14 days



A10 - A505 - A1301 - A1309 and vice versa

For the London Road closure:

B1368 – Harston Road - Station Road - A10 and vice versa

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