Household Recycling Centres

Booking requirements

From 1 March 2022 it is no longer necessary to book to attend any of Cambridgeshire’s Household Recycling Centres.

Vehicles and trailers requiring e-permits must still have these in place before visiting sites.

Coronavirus measures update

The following measures remain in place to protect visitors and staff and reduce the risks of temporary site closures due to Covid-related staff absences:

  • Do not attend if you are unwell with Covid symptoms. Please help us to protect other site users and staff by staying at home
  • Do not bring to site any waste that might be infected with Covid - you should double wrap any Covid waste in plastic bags, store for 72 hours and then put out for general household refuse collection
  • We are controlling access at site entrances to prevent overcrowding
  • Site staff continue to social distance - please keep two metres away from staff while asking for help or advice
  • We advise site visitors to maintain social distancing with only one person at a time on steps or gantries where possible
  • Site staff cannot help with the removal of items from vehicles - if you need assistance, please deposit materials as directed for removal by site staff after your departure
  • We continue to provide sanitising gel for use on arrival and departure
  • We will keep in place signage highlighting Covid risks