Household Recycling Centres

Thriplow Household Recycling Centre

A road closure on the A505 over the next 2 weekends (17 October and 18 October) and (24 October and 25 October) will affect access to Thriplow Household Recycling Centre, particularly from an Easterly / M11 / Sawston direction.

Diversion route details are available here

Enter "Gravel Pit Hill, Royston, SG8 7HZ” in the search box in the top right hand corner of the screen, select next two weeks from the drop down list and zoom in on the area of interest. Then click on the road closure symbol on the map for diversion route details.

We apologise for the inconvenience this causes.


Update: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Household Recycling Centres are open for essential visits only

Please avoid visiting sites if you are able to safely store items at home until initial high demand reduces.

Booking requirements

A booking system has been introduced for vehicles and trailers requiring e-permits at all sites, and for all vehicles at Alconbury, Bluntisham, Milton, St Neots and Thriplow.

General information

  • Be prepared to wait. Measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 have reduced the number of vehicles that are able to access sites;
  • Use refuse, recycling and bulky waste collections where possible to avoid unnecessary visits;
  • Do not visit if you or any of your household are self-isolating as a result of Covid-19;
  • Do not bring waste that might be infected with Covid-19. This should be stored in a separate sealed plastic sack within a second plastic sack for at least 72 hours and then put out for household refuse collections;
  • Sites are provided for Cambridgeshire residents only. Please be prepared to provide proof of residence;
  • Avoid peak times, typically 9am-10am, noon -1pm and the hour before closing.

Social distancing measures

  • Social distancing of two metres is being applied, supported by signage, site layout changes, and additional staff;
  • The number of vehicles allowed on site has been reduced, with alternate spaces unusable to help maintain distances;
  • A maximum of two adults can unload vehicles where necessary for heavy or bulky items. Where possible only a single person should be outside of a vehicle. Children must remain in the vehicle at all times;
  • Site staff are unable to help unload vehicles, so bring a helper from your own household if you need assistance;
  • Hand sanitiser is available for use when arriving and leaving site;
  • Dress appropriately. Wear appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes, gloves are also advised;
  • Pedestrian access to sites is not permitted.

Materials accepted on site

  • We are unable to accept COVID-19 infected waste (see disposal guidance above);
  • We are temporarily unable to accept the following materials because no outlet for materials is available:
    • Textiles/Shoes
    • Paint

Subject to these exclusions, details of material accepted can be found at

Sales areas for re-usable items are currently closed

Household waste recycling centre restrictions

Frequently Asked Questions

If the map does not load, please view it on the My Cambridgeshire website.

Household Recycling Centre policies

Check your vehicle is allowed entry to the sites

For information about the types and sizes of vehicles that are allowed entry to our Household Recycling Centres, and whether or not you will require an e-permit for your vehicle, please visit our HRC e-permit scheme webpage.

Bulky waste collections

If you need to dispose of large, bulky household items and are unable to bring them to the nearest Household Recycling Centre yourself, your district council can come and collect them for a fee. See the below links for more information from your district council:

Cambridge City Council - Bulky waste
East Cambridgeshire District Council - Bulky waste
Fenland District Council - Bulky waste
Huntingdonshire District Council - Bulky waste
South Cambridgeshire District Council -Bulky waste

Please find below a useful guide to our Household Recycling Centres and how to get the most out of your visit.

household centres A5 8pp_Final
A useful guide to what you can recycle at your nearest recycling centre
Size: 1.04MBFile format: pdf

Household Recycling Service Strategy

The Household Waste Recycling Service Strategy sets out our strategy for providing a household recycling service to the residents of Cambridgeshire to dispose of bulky household items or items not collected at the kerbside. See our Recycling Service Strategy 2014 - 2019 below.

Recycling Service Strategy 2014 - 2019 pdf (4.22MB)
Size: 4.22MBFile format: pdf

Recycling Centres Charter and Policy

The Recycling Centres Customer Charter will be reviewed and updated as part of the options work undertaken as a result of the Household Recycling Service Strategy above.

Recycling Centre Customer Charter
Recycling Centres Customer Charter
Size: 263KBFile format: pdf
Vehicle Parts Policy
Size: 267KBFile format: pdf

Vehicle Part Policy

Our Household Recycling Centres Vehicle Part Policy specifies what vehicle parts and vehicle fluids our sites are able to accept.

Trade Waste Policy and Commercial Waste Policy

Our Household Recycling Centres are not licensed to accept waste from commercial business or contractors. Please see our Trade Waste Policy for more information. We also do not accept waste from parish councils, schools, charity shops or clubs as specified in our Commercial Waste Policy.

Trade Waste Policy
Size: 169KBFile format: pdf

Tenanted Properties Policy

We can accept waste from tenants however we do not accept waste from landlords as specified in our Tenanted Properties Policy.

Tenanted Properties Policy
Size: 252KBFile format: pdf

Construction, Demolition and DIY Waste Policy

Waste from large scale construction, demolition or renovation projects cannot be accepted at Household Recycling Centres. Small scale project waste may be accepted. Please see our Construction, Demolition and DIY Waste Policy for more information.

Construction, Demolition and DIY Policy Guidance 2019
Construction, Demolition and DIY waste policy pdf (397.61KB)
Size: 398KBFile format: pdf

Bring banks

You can find Recycling Banks located in villages, towns and cities across Cambridgeshire, meaning you don’t have to go so far to recycle your waste. These include collections for items such as textiles, electrical items, books and shoes.

Follow the links below to find recycling banks in your local area: