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Household Recycling Centres

3 steps to make your visit quicker and easier.

  • Sort before you go - quicker and easier to empty your vehicle.
  • Avoid peak times – 11am to 2pm, weekends and bank holidays.
  • If vehicles are queuing, return at a quieter time.

Other tips for making your visit go as smoothly as possible are published on our Visiting a Household Recycling Centre page.

Cambridgeshire residents wishing to use Royston Recycling Centre in Hertfordshire now need a cross border permit.

Site users are reminded that they must use the correct entrances when entering and leaving the sites for everyone’s safety.

Vehicles and trailers requiring e-permits must still have these in place before visiting sites.

Battery disposal

Avoid causing fires by safely disposing of batteries. Find out why this is important and what happens when a battery explodes on our Battery disposal page.

Children under the age of 12

When visiting any Household Recycling Centre within Cambridgeshire residents are reminded that all children under the age of 12 must remain within the vehicle whilst it is on-site. Children aged 12 and over are allowed to assist with moving items from the vehicle to the relevant containers provided they remain under the close control of their parents or carers.


Before visiting the Household Recycling Centre please Check whether your vehicle or trailer requires an e-permit(applies to commercial-type vehicles or any trailer in excess of 1.5m length (excluding the towing mechanism) or over 570 litre capacity).

Remember to also check that the material you are bringing to site is accepted, see: What can I take to a Household Recycling Centre - Cambridgeshire County Council

Driver and van services

Please note that ‘Driver and van’ services are not permitted at any site, but self-drive hire vehicles are allowed, (if within maximum vehicle size limits) as long as the waste producer is present.