Independent visitor for looked after children

Volunteering to support young people in care

An Independent Visitor is a volunteer who gives some of their time each month to support and befriend a child or young person in care who has little to no contact with their birth family or where it is considered to be in the child’s best interests.

As an Independent Visitor you will meet with a child or young person once a month to go out for social visits, share hobbies and interests and try new activities. You will befriend, mentor and provide continuity in the life of a child in care and above all, have fun together! 

“The young person values having someone who is constant and consistent, who takes them at face value and doesn't judge. Someone who won't let them down or leave them after a short time but commits to being a friend through many years.” (Independent Visitor)

“My visitor is great, he really supports me  and has helped me gain the confidence to try new things” (Young Person)

To express your interest in this opportunity or for more information please contact the Independent Visitor Coordinator on 01223 729074 or email